Monday, January 27, 2014

A NON-VIOLENT GLOBAL MOVEMENT Is Crucial to Defeating the 'Meta-Nazis' '''Homanocidal''' Global Agenda: GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.


A NON-VIOLENT GLOBAL MOVEMENT Is Crucial to Defeating the 'Meta-Nazis' '''Humanocidal''' Global Agenda.

To My Readers,

The great energy of the anger that is natural for any healthy human being to feel in response to the revelations of the endemic and ongoing crimes against humanity perpetrated by the 'Meta-Nazi Plutocracy' needs to be transformed, into NON-VIOLENT action, if those who oppose these perpetrators are not to play into the Plutocracy's hands, and to lose their own humanity in the process.

In support of this hypothesis, I quote, below, the words of another pseudonymous writer within the World Wide Web --

"It is of crucial importance, at this juncture, that the peoples of Europe, the U.K., and the U.S. continue to demonstrate their firm opposition to the draconian, Depression-worsening, viciously-descending spirals of the "austerity" regimes that the core plutocracy is attempting to impose, most savagely in Greece, so far, but, soon, equally, or even more savagely, elsewhere in Europe, and in the U.K., and in the U.S. as well -- and, of course, also in China, India, Brazil, and Russia, etc., through the catastrophic contraction of global trade entailed by the collapse of effective demand in the E.U./U.K./U.S. --  if that core plutocracy are not frightened into putting the brakes on their present time-table, precisely by such popular resistance. 

. . . .

It is equally crucial, however, that these popular demonstrations avoid the initiation of violence.

Nonviolence is a key to the effectiveness of efforts for social betterment, because violence corrupts its initiators, converting them, even if their violence is "successful" in overthrowing the violent tyranny that they had opposed, into but the new incumbents of the very evil that they had intended to overthrow -- reinstating that evil through them, as them -- and thus resulting, for them, and for humanity as a whole, in a defeat which could not be more complete.

Of course, the agents of the core plutocracy will initiate violence, against peaceful demonstrators, and will attempt to provoke a violent reaction from such demonstrators.  

Such provocations provide opportunities for these agencies of the core plutocracy to apply their crippling and maiming "technologies", and their "population reduction" methods -- and to "justify" martial law, etc., etc., a la the core plutocracy’s Syrian erstwhile 'servant-dictator'.

Given all of this, we recommend immediate -- and increasing -- recourse to methods of effective protest that do not require citizens to expose themselves to maiming, mayhem, and murder, on the public streets, by the core plutocracy's proto-police-state apparatuses.   

Massive global boycotts of the products and "services" of core-plutocracy-owned mega-corporations can still exercise tremendous leverage over the core plutocracy, hitting them where they "live", wallowing in filthy lucre.

In our opinion, such boycotts should target those mega-corporations that are prostituting the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches of national governments, across the Northern temperate zone, to impose the core plutocracy’s eugenics solution’, in particular, by means of ‘stealth genocide’, including via draconian "austerity", via their global, pseudo-food-induced obesity/diabetes epidemic, and via naked aggression -- variously-excused military assaults upon, invasions of, and occupations of other countries -- countries that have not attacked the U.S./U.K..

For a Positive Future for Humanity,

M. Milankovitch

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