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Part 9 -- How Humanity Saved the Biosphere. Post-Publication Notes.

To My Readers,

Below is the ninth part of my multi-part re-rendition, in this blog, of a rare, classic hardcopy pamphlet, written by an anonymous collective author, one which -- very early-on, in the 1970s -- '''smelled a rat [smelled the 'Rocke-Nazi' rat -- in my opinion, the biggest, rottenest rat in all of human [pre-]history to-date -- the most rabid, the most massively "ambitious" mass torturers, and mass murderers, in all of human history, who make the bloody Vlad The Impaler pale to an infinitesimal in comparison] in the "Global Warming", "People Are Pollution" rap''', and circulated, in <<samizdat>> fashion, a rather comprehensive warning to humanity about this new "eu"-genocidal ploy, which remained scarcely-known until years later, when an updated version of this text became available on the world wide web.

The internet version of this text is entitled --

Crises by Nature:  How Humanity Saved the Biosphere   

For the Resumption of Humanity's Ascent, and, with it -- and by means of it -- the Regeneration of Our Planetary Biosphere,

M. Milankovitch

Crises by Nature
How Humanity Saved The Biosphere

Capitalist Crisis Studies
[with modifications by M. Milankovitch]

Table of Contents

Post-Publication Notes [PPNs]

[Note to readers: Throughout these PPNs, we have marked, with red-colored text, the names of those organizations, individuals, and ideas which, in our opinion, most murderously and egregiously support the People Are Pollution ideology, to signify the vast bloodshed that their power has imposed, and is increasingly imposing. Use of blue-colored text indicates [ev]entities [groups, technologies, individuals] usable for our/humanitys self-affirming, integral, and transcending departure from the current state of dis-affairs and dis-instantiation of humanity. Bold, italics, CAPITALIZATION, and underlining are used for emphasis. Where this emphasis takes place within quotations — to draw attention or to expose the politeness of species annihilatory and predatory policies, organizations, and practices — it will be noted beforehand.

p1    By the term socialists as used herein, we mean political-economic democratistsNOT Stalinist, Leninist, or Trotskyist lobbyists-for-themselves as nuclei of a new, totalitarian, state-capitalist dictatorship of the state bureaucracy as neo-capitalist ruling-class. For a detailed, concrete imagination and specification of what a comprehensive, or Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY as the true, gemeinwesen, communist society might look like, we refer the reader to two books by David Schweickart: Against Capitalism and After Capitalism.

p2    James Gleick, in his 1987 book Chaos: Making a New Science, noted the degree to which the solutions of the equations which model the climato-dynamics of our planet describe an enormous undertow — an attractor, in the language of [nonlinear] dynamical systems theory — toward global glaciation [CCS:  italics added, for emphasis, by CCS] --
Climatologists who use global computer models to simulate the long-term [and highly nonlinear] behavior of the earth’s atmosphere and oceans have known for several years that their models allow at least one dramatically different equilibrium.  During the entire geological past, this alternative climate has never existed [M.M.:  the snowball Earth theory asserts the contrary], but it could be an equally valid solution to the system of equations governing the earth. It is what climatologists call the White Earth climate: an earth whose continents are covered by snow and whose oceans are covered by ice. A glaciated earth would reflect seventy percent of the incoming solar radiation and so would stay extremely cold.... Computer models have such a strong tendency to fall into the White Earth equilibrium that climatologists find themselves wondering why it has never come about... [M.M.:  per the snowball Earth theory, it has]. c87

The concluding lines of the classic paper on the quantitative verification of the Milankovitch  Effect read as follows [CCS:  bold and italics added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

... the long-term trend over the next several thousand years is toward extensive Northern Hemisphere glaciation.c88

Four years after the “Pacemaker” paper, one of the co-authors introduced a simple nonlinear model to reconstruct climatic response to the oscillatory Milankovitch orbital forcing, then used it to forecast future climate, with the following results [CCS: bold and italics added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

“Ignoring anthropogenic effects and other possible sources of variation acting at frequencies higher than one cycle per 19,000 years, this model predicts that the cooling trend that began some 6,000 years ago will continue for the next 23,000 years.” c89

Russian climatologist M. I. Budyko sets forth a similar analysis to that of this text, as follows [CCS: bold and italics added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

... the process of decreasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere started in the Cretaceous period and accelerated at the end of the Tertiary period.  The probable reason for the decreasing CO2 mass is the attenuation of volcanic activities, possibly caused by the exhaustion of the reserves of radioactive elements that produce heating of the lithosphere.  From the available approximate estimates it follows that, if this process continues for about a million years [a period short from the viewpoint of the earth’s history] one of two ecological catastrophes will occur:  the complete glaciation of the earth or the disappearance of autotrophic plants.... It is assumed that in the Pleistocene the earth’s biosphere was not far from destruction in the epochs of greatest development of the Quaternary glaciations, which advanced close to the critical latitude [the limit beyond which ice loses its stability and shifts toward the equator as in a self-propelled process].... Assuming the possibility of the disappearance of the biosphere in the not very distant future, one should return to the question of how the biosphere could be maintained for such a long period in the past . . . It is believed that the maintenance on the earth of a mean temperature within the narrow zone necessary for life for billions of years seems to be a random event, the probability of which is very low.... The first result of the global impact produced by man on the biosphere that is connected with restoring the ancient CO2-rich atmosphere is an inadvertent consequence of economic activities.  This change in the composition of the atmosphere has increased the stability of the biosphere and decreased the possibility of its complete or partial destruction by glaciations.... It is essential for understanding the present changes in the state of the biosphere that, with an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration, the atmosphere returns to the composition typical of the Tertiary period, when climatic conditions were far warmer and plant productivity was higher than at present.  Since the atmosphere lost CO2  for the last hundred million years, directly threatening the existence of the biosphere due to a decrease in the productivity of autotrophic plants and the possible complete glaciation of the earth, the present anthropogenic impact on the biosphere seems to be a favorable factor that eliminates the indicated threat.
However, it must be mentioned that although many aspects of global warming could be favorable to mankind [a rise in the productivity of autotrophic plants, better usage of land in cold climates, etc.], a number of difficulties can also inevitably arise.  The major difficulty lies in the necessity of adjusting, in a relatively short time, many branches of the economy to the conditions of a rapidly changing climate and other aspects of natural conditions. c90

British climatologist H. H. Lamb noted, in 1982 [CCS:  bold and italics added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

“... The cooling of the general run of European summers since 1953, albeit with the year-to-year variations stressed in this chapter, has had another consequence which marks out the change of climatic tendency since the middle of the century. The long retreat of the glaciers in the Alps first slowed down; then in 1965 some, mostly small, glaciers which were evidently nearly in equilibrium showed advances; and since 1972 in some regions, 1975 in others, in most years the majority of glaciers, including the big ones, in Italy, Austria, and Switzerland have been advancing. Also in west and north Norway these years have produced the first general advance of the glaciers for many decades past.  Similarly, in North America the earlier twentieth-century predominance of glacier retreat has been followed by advances in some areas, in the Cascade Range in the northwest of the United States from as early as the 1950s.  And on [the gigantic] Baffin Island in northeast Canada, in the central part of which 70 percent of the highland region seems to have been covered by ‘permanent’ ice and snow between two hundred and four hundred years ago and where this had been reduced to 2 percent by 1960, the permanent snow beds have been increasing again since and incipient new glaciers have been found.  This has been brought about by a lowering of the summer freezing level by nearly 300 m [1000 ft] in the later years.” c91

Geophysicist R. G. Johnson noted, in the July 8, 1997 edition of EOS, the Transactions of the American Geophysical Union [CCS:  bold and italics added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

“When the last ice age began 120,000 years ago... the insolation at all latitudes was nearly the same as today.... That todays climate may be close to the threshold for new glaciation may indeed be the case. Large plateau areas of Baffin Island are now covered with semi-permanent snow fields that expanded during the historic Little Ice Age 150-350 years ago when cool summers and extremely severe winters were frequent in northern Europe.... Canadian glacial nucleation areas are now perilously close to the threshold for new ice sheet growth, as indicated by the historic expansion of snow fields on Baffin Island... Initiation of new ice sheet growth is of great concern because the strong positive feedback of enhanced albedo and heavier cloud cover.... might lock in the ice age growth mode despite CO2 warming. c92

Regarding the Little Ice Age[CCS:  bold, italics, and blue color-highlighting added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

From about 1450 to 1850, Earth passed through what is called the Little Ice Age. (Some scientists place the start date as early as 1300 and the end date as late as 1890). During this period of renewed cold, alpine glaciers advanced in virtually all the worlds mountain areas, and the Arctic islands ice caps grew larger. Winters became colder and summers cooler, though the effect on winters was generally greater . . . Worldwide, the climate change damaged many ecosystems.  Floods, plague, and famine devastated Europe.  Crops failed, especially in northern regions.  The Baltic Sea froze. Englands Thames river developed ice several inches thick. In higher latitudes, great storms increasingly roiled the skies. A storm that hit southern England on December 7-8, 1703, blew down a lighthouse, wrecked houses, tossed ships onto land, and killed 8,000 people... Drought and flood often besieged the same areas.  . . .  The causes of the Little Ice Age are not well understood.  ...   In general, since the Little Ice Age, climate has been growing warmer. Temperatures reached a high in the 1940s, became cooler until the mid-1960s, and since have been rising again, setting records for warmth in the 1990s. Despite this trend of global warming, some researchers believe that the Little Ice Age may not be over, but that it is being counteracted by rising carbon dioxide levels generated since the Industrial Revolution.  It is possible that atmospheric circulation patterns characteristic of the Little Ice Age may still be in place. c93

p3    Regarding James Gleicks report, cited in Post-Publication Note p1, above, of a belief among climatologists that the global glaciation White Earth climate has never yet come about on Earth, please note that a major accumulation of evidence indicating that this White Earth scenario has already occurred repeatedly on this planet was presented after the initial distribution of this text, building on a theory that gained evidentiary ground as early as 1964 in the work of W. Brian Harland. c94

This excerpt describes a theory of a self-iterating sequence of eco-geo-climatological metafinite self-bifurcation singularities by which Earth progressively oscillated itself between ice-house and hot-house extrema, although thought to be due to causes of cooling different from those hypothesized for the more reCENt [of the late CENozoic] glaciations, explored in this text.

So robust is the global glaciation attractor for the climate of this planet that there may be multiple climatic state-space trajectories, multiple pathways of causality, all converging to this same White Death attractor [CCS:  bold and italics added, for emphasis, by CCS] --
Our human ancestors had it rough. Saber-toothed cats and woolly mammoths may have been day-to-day concerns, but harsh climate was a consuming long-term challenge. During the past million years, they faced one ice age after another.  At the height of the last icy episode, 20,000 years  ago, glaciers more than two kilometers thick gripped much of North America and Europe.  ...  Dramatic as it may seem, this extreme climate pales in comparison to the catastrophic events that some of our earliest microscopic ancestors endured around 600 million years ago.  Just before the appearance of recognizable animal life, in a time period known as the Neoproterozoic, an ice age prevailed with such intensity that even the tropics froze over.  Imagine the earth hurtling through space like a cosmic snowball for 10 million years or more.  Heat escaping from the molten core prevents the oceans from freezing to the bottom, but ice grows a kilometer thick in the -50 degree Celsius cold.  All but a tiny fraction of the planets primitive organisms die.  Aside from grinding glaciers and groaning sea ice, the only stir comes from a smattering of volcanoes forcing their hot heads above the frigid surface.  Although it seems the planet might never wake from its cryogenic slumber, the volcanoes slowly manufacture an escape from the chill:  carbon dioxide.  With the chemical cycles that normally consume carbon dioxide halted by the frost, the gas accumulates to record levels. The heat-trapping capacity of carbon dioxide — a greenhouse gas — warms the planet, and begins to melt the ice.  The thaw takes only a few hundred years, but a new problem arises in the meantime: a brutal greenhouse effect. Any creature that survived the icehouse must now endure a hothouse.  As improbable as it may sound, we see clear evidence that this striking climate reversal — the most extreme imaginable on this planet — happened as many as four times between 750 million and 580 million years ago. c95


p4    <to be added>

p5    <to be added>

p6    Who Funds, Hence Controls, the Ideology of Ecologism and the People Are Pollution, Humanocidal Pseudo-Religion of Earthism?

Some Hypotheses Concerning the Lobby for Global Genocide

The late Julian Simon outraged the plutocracy in the 1980s and 1990s by systematically and scientifically taking to task their lies, and their hired liars, in the areas of population growth, technological progress, and econo-ecological well-being, possibly at the cost of his own life.

He documented, in the final section of his book Population Matters, and for only the two years 1979 to 1981, the massive, multi-million dollar payola of the major ideology-engineering institutions of the ruling oil/banking plutocracy, the global Dictatorship of Petroleum, which that conspiracy of the privileged expended in order to shape and control the Earthist anti-humanity movement, as follows --

Some Foundation Grants to Environmental Organizations, 1979 - 1981

Grand Total:  $23,187,111
Funding from Rockefeller Institutions
:  $9,201,810
Funding from Two Other Institutions of the Plutocracy
:  $13,985,301

Recipient of Funding
Amount Received (1979-1981)
Funding Provider
Population Council
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Population Council
Rockefeller Foundation
Aspen Institute
Rockefeller Foundation
National Resources Defense Council
Rockefeller Family Fund
Population Resource Center
Rockefeller Foundation
National Center for Policy Institute
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Environmental Policy Institute
Rockefeller Family Fund
Northern Rockies Action Group
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
New Alchemy Institute
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Conservation Law Foundation of New England
Rockefeller Family Fund
Center for Law and Social Policy
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Sierra Fund Legal Defense Fund
Rockefeller Family Fund
International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis [Club of Rome]
Rockefeller Foundation
Wilderness Society
Rockefeller Family Fund
International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis [Club of Rome] $60,000
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Aspen Institute
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Environmental Defense Fund $55,000
Rockefeller Family Fund
Zen Center [San Francisco]
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Natural Resources Defense Council $50,000
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
National Audubon Society
Rockefeller Family Fund
Conservation Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Citizens for a Better Environment
Rockefeller Family Fund
Zero Population Growth Foundation
Rockefeller Foundation
World Watch Institute
Rockefeller Foundation
Lindesfarne Association
Rockefeller Foundation
Massachusetts Audubon Society $34,000
Rockefeller Foundation
Survival International
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Natural Resources Defense Council $25,000
Rockefeller Foundation
Community Nutrition Institute
Rockefeller Family Fund
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
John Muir Institute
Rockefeller Foundation
World Wildlife Fund
Rockefeller Family Fund
National Wildlife Foundation
Rockefeller Family Fund
Environmental Action Foundation
Rockefeller Family Fund
Southwest Research and Information Center
Rockefeller Family Fund
Conservation Institute
Rockefeller Foundation
Public Land Institute
Rockefeller Family Fund
Environmental Law Institute
Rockefeller Family Fund
Population Council
Ford Foundation
Natural Resources Defense Council $1,740,000
Ford Foundation
Alaskan Native Foundation
Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Alan Guttmacher Institute
Ford Foundation
Native American Rights  Fund
Ford Foundation
Environmental Defense Fund $404,000 Ford Foundation
New England Natural Resources Center
$335,500 Ford Foundation
Wisconsin Center for Public Policy
$268,000 Ford Foundation
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
$170,000 Ford Foundation
Washington University Center for Biology of Natural Systems
$79,443 Ford Foundation
Consumer Energy Foundation of America
$76,546 Ford Foundation
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) $75.417 Ford Foundation
Survival International
$60.000 Ford Foundation
Center for Law and Social Policy
$50,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Conservation Foundation
$30,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Aspen Institute
$29,395 Ford Foundation
Conservation Foundation
$25,000 Ford Foundation
Hawaiian Coalition for Native Claims $25,000 Ford Foundation
World Wildlife Fund
$25,000 Ford Foundation
Alaskan Native Foundation $20,000 Ford Foundation
Aspen Institute $20,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
New York Lawyers for the Public Interest
$16,000 Ford Foundation
Alan Guttmacher Institute $15,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Environmental Defense Fund
$15,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Center for Law and Social Policy $12,000 Ford Foundation
American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) $10,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Hawaiian Coalition for Native Claims
$10,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Massachusetts Audubon Society $10,000 Ford Foundation
Youth Project
$10,000 Ford Foundation
Consumer Energy Foundation of America
$5,000 Atlantic Richfield Foundation
Institute for Democratic Socialism
$5,000 Ford Foundation


Does it shock you that the Small is Beautiful and supposedly anti-Oil-Company ideology of environmentalism is being massively bankrolled, hence controlled, by THE BIGGEST OF THE BIG; that the Zero Population Growth and Zero Economic Growth movements — in truth, the Negative Economic Growth and Negative Population Growth [Global Genocide] movements — are being sponsored by those who continue to experience unprecedentedly big and accelerating POSITIVE GROWTH in their PETROLEUM PROFITABILITY, at the growing expense of the entire human race, TAXING the totality of humanity WITHOUT REPRESENTATION via their oligopolistic power to raise oil prices at will, without fear of anti-trust law enforcement by the governments that they have prostituted, and their human-species-suicidal power to suppress the development of petroleum-power-obsoleting technologies, such as fusion power?

The ecology movement started out as a grassroots movements of the people, against capitalist pollution, against the unchecked imposition of increasingly lethal, ever-mounting pollution externalitiesexternal costs — upon a public utterly undefended by the feedbacks of capitalist market-place, by super-rich capitalist oligopolies, whose owners have turned the legislative, the executive, and the judicial branches of representative-democratic government into their abject whores, bought and paid for, lock, stock, and barrel!


But what grass-roots, people-financed organization can compete with these massively money-manipulated front-groups for the Rockefeller invisible dictatorship? 

We conjecture that such organizations, receiving such massive amounts of money, tend to succumb to the strings that are attached to that money. 

Such organizations thus become Whore-ganizations, propagating their funders Party-Line
Even if the creators and/or the true leaders resist becoming Whore-ified in this way, there are typically plenty of unscrupulous individuals hanging around such groups, who will enthusiastically conspire with the funders to oust those creators and/or true leaders, and to take over those organizations on behalf of the funders — drooling all the way to the bank!

Is it any wonder that the grassroots ecology movement has been perverted, by massive infusions of Rockefeller, etc. money, into a Malthusian, People Are Pollution lobby for mass murder in the Third World, and into the conduits of an incessant propaganda for public acquiescence in global genocide through the corporate-prostitute news organizations, in the United States, and world-wide?

This mounting global genocide has been carried out, initially, by servant-dictatorships of the U.S.-centered Plutocracy, and by that Plutocracys proxy/prostitute states — for example, the State of Mexico, the State of Columbia, the State of Iraq, the State of Indonesia, the State of Sudan, and the State of Israel.

But now, increasingly, as the Petroleum Plutocracy has secured its tendentially totalitarian grip on the U.S. political system, it is being carried out by direct U.S. military invasion and de facto annexation of other countries — Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.

Does it worry you that the ideologies of anti-progress, anti-humanity, pro-genocide Zeroism and Negativism are being engineered by the core ruling faction of the super-rich?

It should, if you value your life, and the lives of your family members.

The Rocke-Nazi Mass-Murder-Machine may have begun it global massacre in the Third World, counting on racism and the People are Pollution propaganda of Ecologism to secure silent acquiescence in this genocide from the publics of the First World, because their totalitarian control in the First World was still weak [The reaction of the U.S. and European publics to their genocide in Vietnam was a big set-back for them — one which they have only recently overcome].

True: they began their global pogrom of mass murder against those of more-melanin-rich skin-tones, against those genetically better-adapted to the more sun-drenched, equator-ward zones of our planet.  
But it is with the murder of you and your family — and with that of other paler-skinned gooks just like yourself — that their mass murder is scheduled to end.

You are a fool if you expect that Rocke-Nazi Racism will protect you from them.

They designed racism for your consumption, not theirs. 

They designed racism to divide and conquer, to dissuade you from any alliance, against them, with the rest of the family of humanity. 

Their own anti-humanism is quite color-blind: they target the lighter-skinned redundant population for extermination no differently and no less than they target the darker-skinned redundant population, though, for political/tactical reasons, their schedule of extermination generally proscribes the darker-skinned first. 

The Rocke-Nazi mass media and its massive pseudo-ecology propaganda has put you to sleep, and you are in danger of being murdered in your sleep!

Through an — exceedingly rare — leak of a secret, Plutocracy-foundation letter, Julian Simon was able to document, in this same, final section of Population Matters, the Mafioso-style strong-arm tactics by which the Plutocracy prostitutes Big Science, decreeing that it come to the Malthusian, Meta-Nazi, mega-genocidal conclusions that Big Oil has paid for, science and the truth be damned! 
Simon was leaked a copy of this letter only because he was maligned in it by name.

The following is from pages 538-539 of Population Matters [CCS: bold, italics, red and blue color-highlighting, and underlining added, for emphasis, by CCS] --
A Committee of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) sought funds to study the relationship of population, resources, and the environment.

Among other potential funding sources, the committee turned to the Andrew J. Mellon Foundation and received a feasibility grant.
This is an excerpt from a letter to AAAS discussing further funding, signed by J. Kellum Smith, Jr., Vice President and Secretary of that foundation --
Because the links among population, resources, and environment are so obvious and strong, I was very much in favor of the idea that the AAAS seek ways of thinking systematically about these links.
 . . . I hope the suggestion of an alternative title [to the original one] does not indicate diffidence, in your group, on the matter of facing up to the malign consequences of rapid population increase. 

Should such diffidence exist, I would suppose that it might cripple the program and that therefore the exercise might as well be halted  forthwith . . . .

 . . . the first task of the program must be to elucidate the links. 

. . . Suggestions for improvement of the situation will come along later; and when they do, most obvious and important among them will presumably be methods of reducing the rate of population growth.

Social and technological accommodations to high fertility, though perhaps of ancillary utility, are unlikely to be primary solutions. . . . 

I am disconcerted by the suggestion that there is a problem in handling the widely divergent views of the Cornucopians and Malthusians. 

If by the Cornucopians is meant Julian Simon and his few allies, I should think a footnote would be sufficient to dispose of them. . . . 

If there is nervousness on the point, it had better be faced up to forthwith. 

The issue of population increase is central to the proposed program. . .  

the crucial element in any responsible approach to the overall problem will be restraint of population increase

Although it may be unscientific to make the statement that boldly, I do so because I think the outcome so highly probable that if your group finds it unpalatable perhaps the exercise should be abandoned.’  (January 12, 1984). c106

Hypothesis:  The People Are Pollution Lobby decided that Julian Simon was not so easily disposed of, by a mere footnote; they thus felt the need to dispose of him in another, more decisive, more definitive”, more permanent way:  in the prime of his life, at age 65, Julian Simon died suddenly, on February 8th, 1998.

Despite these vast investments by the Rocke-Nazi-ruled U.S. ruling-class, little hints of scientific integrity, and of human decency, keep cropping up, much to the infuriation of the Rocke-Nazi would-be thought-controllers.

For example, Dr. Jennifer Hoffman is a consultant to the World Wildlife Fund, one of the organizations having received Rockefeller money, as listed in the table above.

Dr. Tina Tin is a World Wildlife Fund-affiliated climate scientist, who also works with the Natural Resources Defense Council, another recipient of Rockefeller Family Fund and Ford Foundation largesse, as listed above. 

Nevertheless, no doubt at the risk of their livelihoods — and, quite likely, at the risk of their very lives, once the noose of Bush/Gore/Rocke-Nazi theocratic/ecocratic totalitarianism tightens ever-tighter around the necks of the American people and the people of the rest of the world — Drs. Hoffman and Tin, while generally conforming strictly to the Rocke-Nazi Global Warming Party-Line, let leak the following in their 2005 book Climate:  The Force that Shapes Our World and the Future of Life on Earth [CCS: bold, italicsblue color-highlighting, and underlining added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

From about 1450 to 1850, Earth passed through what is called the Little Ice Age. . . . In general, since the Little Ice Age, climate has been growing warmer. Temperatures reached a high in the 1940s, became cooler until the mid-1960s, and since have been rising again, setting records for warmth in the 1990s.  Despite this trend of global warming, some researchers believe that the Little Ice Age may not be over, but that it is being counteracted by rising carbon dioxide levels generated since the Industrial Revolution. It is possible that atmospheric circulation patterns characteristic of the Little Ice Age may still be in place.  And if the Little Ice Age is a Rapid Climate Change Event like the Younger Dryas, it would be expected to last about a thousand years, not four hundred.” c107

Hoffman and Tin do not go so far as to mention the possibility that the so-called Little Ice Age was actually the long-overdue end of the current, > (greater than) ten thousand year interglacial, and the start of the coming, ~ (approximately) one hundred thousand year, next Big Ice Age, averted, temporarily, only by the CO2 contributions of the capitalist Industrial Revolution.  

But we cannot ask for too much, especially not from people so vulnerably positioned.

Professional scientists are abjectly dependent upon, and abjectly beholden to, the Rocke-Nazi prostituted government, and the private foundations, created by the Rocke-Nazi Plutocracy, for their livelihoods.

The Population Council is by far the biggest recipient of funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Ford Foundation [see table, above]. 

In our view, if we had truth in naming laws, in the United States, the Population Council would be court-ordered to change its name to The Depopulation Council, as well as to incorporate the swastika into its logo.

Julian Simons evidence of the perversion and prostitution of Big Science to the multi-genocidal Rocke-Nazi global program/pogrom includes the following extended quotation from Paul Demeny, who Julian Simon cites as former president of the Population Association of America and Vice-President and Director of the Center for Population Studies of the Population Council, on the development of a global [DE-]Population Industry, one which a truth in naming laws court would re-name The Ideology-Production Industry for the Justification of Global Genocide.

It seems that our Rocke-Nazi rulers, while investing a lot of their own loot [i.e., loot looted from the working classes of the world] in the production of this ideology, were also, of course, once again, able to hijack taxpayers [i.e., workers!] pocketbooks to their anti-taxpayer purposes, forcing workers to give back part of their wages to finance The Rocke-Nazi Global Depopulation Project, through Rocke-Nazi control of the Rocke-Nazi-prostituted U.S. Government.

The following is extracted from pages 531-532 of Population Matters [CCS: bold, italics, red color-highlighting, and underlining added, for emphasis, by CCS] --
Population policy was. . . transmogrified. . . into a goal-oriented industry (p. 13) [CSS:  to reduce population growth] . . .the new population industry . . . is a money-, labor-, and technology-intensive construct. (p. 15) Social science provided the rationale for the creation of the population industry but, once established, the industry took command. Its needs for large-scale funding and the intrinsic logic of the underlying policy concept dictated that much of the resources supporting the population sector come, directly or indirectly, from government budgets. Soon this was true also of the social science research that was considered relevant for the industrys concerns. The official population sector became the dominant patron of [CCS:  whore-ified] social [CCS:  pseudo-]science research on all matters related to industry interests (p. 16). Big money projects tended to drive out small money research; industry-sponsored work outbid, eclipsed, and displaced work not so sponsored. (p. 16) The particular uses to which industry resources allocated to [CCS:  whore-ified] social [CCS:  pseudo-]science research have been increasingly put, at least since the early 1970s, was powerfully shaped by strong convictions held by the funding agencies, and by the population industry at large, on what research priorities should be in the population field. With remarkable consistency, the industry insisted that [CCS: whore-ified] social [CCS: pseudo-]science research concentrate on and be maximally helpful in assisting and backing day-to-day execution [CCS:  literally!] of the received population policy line. (p. 17) Resource allocation for social science work as mandated by the large funding agencies puts highest priority emphasis on program evaluation [CCS:  i.e., on cooking the [research results] books]. . . . the industry considers it important to demonstrate [CCS:  however dishonestly] that when fertility continues to be high that condition is linked to various inadequacies and lacunae with the existing family planning program.  Conversely, when fertility is declining or has declined [CCS: e.g., via successful Rocke-Nazi genocide campaigns], it is important to attribute the change [CCS:  however falsely] to the effects of the family planning program. (p. 20) . . . [CCS:  whore-ified] social [CCS: pseudo-]science research directed to the developing countries in the field of [CSS:  De-]population has now become almost exclusively harnessed to serve the narrowly conceived short-term interests of programs that embody the existing orthodoxy in international [CCS: De-]population policy. . . . the population industry seeks, and, with the power of the purse, enforces, predictability, control, and subservience. Pushed to its extreme, this stance generates research that finds what the sponsor already knows to be revealed truth. c108

Simon also quotes the following admissions by Leon Tabah, identified as a former Director of the Population Division of the Rockefeller Foundation itself [CCS: bold, italics, and red color-highlighting added, for emphasis, by CCS] --
It is common knowledge that politics took control of demography a long time ago, with unexpected reversals — todays Malthusians becoming tomorrows anti-Malthusians, and vice-versa. . . . In an area as basic as population, scientists and technicians often have ties to the people with decision-making power. Under pressure from their Governments, leading scientists have often been seen defending points of view which they had been opposing shortly before. c109

Simon commented on this quote as follows [CCS: bold, italics, underlined, red color-highlighting added, for emphasis, by MM] --

It is most unusual to see such honest statements in print.  The last one above is a straightforward accusation of scientific prostitution.  And it refers, not to isolated cases, but to the core of the profession.  It should be noted that the above statements, and others to come, are all by persons who headed the entity which they were describing, and who are sympathetic to the mainstream thrust of that trend, to wit, that population growth is detrimental to economic development and therefore must be controlled by governments.  If someone on the other side of the issue had written those statements, they would be dismissed as partisan and paranoid. c110

But why? 

What possible motivation could there be for the ferocity of the Rocke-Nazi Plutocracys focus on population reduction in particular, and on the concoction of a Negativist ideology of Ecologism — in fact, of a neo-pseudo-religion of Earthism — in general, with all of the anti-population, anti-progress, anti-science, anti-technology, and essentially anti-humanity policies which this ideology seeks to impose upon us all, world-wide? 

Arent our rulers humans too? 

Wouldnt something anti-humanity therefore also be anti-them?

It has become clear to CCS that these plutocrats see themselves as super-human, and the rest of us as sub-human

For them, we are worth keeping alive, as workers, only so long as they are playing the game of capital accumulation as means to sustain and expand their socio-political power. 

But they have become leery of that game. 

Beyond a certain point in the development of humanitys societal self-productivity — in the development of the social forces of [human self-] production [Marx] — further competitive accumulation of capital, given the capital-competition-driven increasing technical composition of that competitive capital, becomes a threat to their capital, and, thus, to their power.

The technical composition of labor therefore necessarily also begins to expand, along with the technical composition of their fixed capital, and, with it, working class education-levels and incomes also rise. 

More and more workers start to have enough education — and enough capacity and time to observe and to think — to see through the old pseudo-religious ideologies. 

More workers also achieve enough financial wherewithal to be less penuriously desperate, less dependent upon, hence less subservient to, the capitalist Plutocracy

New millionaires, even new billionaires, start to rise up out of the sub-human classes. 

These upstarts represent, to the Rocke-Nazis, new, partly-independent powers, potential rivals, who may not be willing to join the Rocke-Nazi countries-club, nor to play by the Rocke-Nazi rules.

Every time the plutocracy fails to keep scientists and smaller industrialists sufficiently under their thumbs, the incentives of remnant competitive capitalism are such that upstart scientists, allied with upstart industrialists, keep inventing new, technologically-advanced machinery, whose competition zeros-out some of the capital-value of the Rocke-Nazis accumulated capital right out from under them, or leads to defaults on the long term fixed-capital investment loans let out
by the Rocke-Nazi banks.

The nightmare scenario -- for them -- that haunts the Rocke-Nazis now, is the advance from molecular power, whose epitome so far has been petroleum power, the mainstay of their power, to atomic power, not in the form of nuclear fission power, but in the form of nuclear fusion power.

The Rocke-Nazis are not so afraid of atomic power in the form of nuclear fission power, in that the uranium fuel-source for the latter is still readily monopolizable by them, like oil, and fission power is inherently less efficient and more pollution-problematic than fusion power, hence less of a potential competitor to fossil-fuel molecular power.  And, arranging "little accidents" with fission reactor meltdowns, etc., is a great way of accomplishing stealth eu-genocides, and of discrediting advanced technology, both at once!

And, the Rocke-Nazis have little hope of monopolizing water, the main fuel source for fusion power. 

The advent of functioning fusion power reactors would wipe-out most of the capital-value of the Rocke-Nazis global petroleum cartel overnight, striking at the financial foundation of their global socio-political predominance, and therefore, also, of their coveted perks, i.e., their above-the-law lives of pillage, torture, rape, and mass murder.

Fusion power is their ultimate nightmare, but the Rocke-Nazis face continual, daily, waking mini-nightmares of the technodepreciation of their socio-political power every day that even a modicum of competitive capitalism, hence of technological progress in socially-reproductive industry, continues.  

What so terrifies the Rocke-Nazis is whats left of ascendant-phase, competitive capitalism, and the rising living standards, rising educational levels, and advancing science and technology engendered by it.  

And they have decided to bring all of that — all of that threat to their power — to an end. 

The Rocke-Nazis are capitalist anti-capitalists, who have also, therefore, become human anti-humanists.

In short, what we are confronting, e.g., in Earthism / Ecologism, is the Marxian theory of the capitalist ruling class

Ever advised by the best minds that money can buy, Rocke-Nazis have long-since decided that, in all of the essentials, Marx was right: the continued growth of the productive forces, so feverishly fostered by the profit incentives of the capitalist system — to a degree far greater than by any earlier social system — will, at length, bring their rule to an end. 

They have therefore vowed, in effect, the following: If the growth of the productive forces is destined to bring about the overthrow of our rule, then we will strike first, destroying the productive forces before they can destroy us.

Given the Rocke-Nazi plan to reverse history — to not merely slow down, or even merely end, the accumulation of capital, but to dis-accumulate capital — creating a Zero Economic Growth that must actually mean Negative Economic Growth, and, hence, requiring a Zero Population Growth actually mean Negative Population Growth — they must also dis-accumulate people; they must implement a global multi-genocide, or forfeit their socio-political predominance, and all of its perks

Faced with that choice, rather than retire, gracefully, from the stage of history, as would the Rooseveltian/Kennedy faction of the capitalist ruling class, which the Rocke-Nazis have essentially liquidated, they would much prefer to murder us all.

They prefer this option even at the risk of fomenting human species suicide, and planetary eco-suicide, as a result of their destruction of the human-productive forces — humanitys, and the biosphere's,  only defense against the eventual end of the current interglacial, and the resumption of Ice Age biosphere-abortion. 

They are monsters in human skin — the kind of monsters that the absolute corruption wrought by the exercise of unchecked, absolute power, tends to make of what once had the potential to be truly human beings.

By increasingly destroying humanitys potential for accelerating technological advancement / productivity-growth, the Rocke-Nazis are rendering the vast majority of the human population redundant from their point-of-view. 

They might tolerate that population were they profitably accumulating capital on its back. 

But, in this, their dis-accumulation apocalypse, they have no more need for these billions. 

The billions in the not-yet-proletarianized portions of the Third-World, and in the high-unemployment, Rocke-Nazi drug-cartels drug-addiction-pacified  ghettoes of the First World, are no longer even potentially a Reserve Army of Labor for the Rocke-Nazi Plutocracy to profit from at some future date. 

Nor do the Rocke-Nazis need any more profits than are already rolling in to them daily to merely increase their power: the Rocke-Nazis already own, loot, and rape the whole world! 

These redundant billions of human beings are therefore nothing but a growing potential threat of revolt against Rocke-Nazi rule, especially as Rocke-Nazi/IMF destruction of the global productive forces, and of global "social safety-nets", condemns those billions to increasing privation/starvation.

Thus, for the Rocke-Nazis, all these redundant portions of the population of humanity — the vast majority of the human race — must be exterminated

Nor will the presently employed classes of the First World — including those wearing white collars — escape the Rocke-Nazis FINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMANITY PROBLEM -- to the problem, for them, of the propensity of humanity to overthrow their despotic rule, and to liberate itself.

That extermination has to begin by stealth, via Rocke-Nazi genetically-engineered designer diseases like AIDS. 

However, hand-in-hand with their national-security-justified totalitarian degeneration of the U.S., the U.K., and the Europe Union, the Rocke-Nazis will increasingly accomplish this extermination by direct, military destruction of global infrastructures, converting whole cities and whole nations into gigantic Meta-Nazi death camps.  

Finally, as their Global Warming drive strips humanity of its last technological defenses against this ending interglacial, and the impending new Ice Age, this mega-genocide will be accomplished, for the Rocke-Nazis, by Nature itself. 

As the temperate zones become unlivably cold, their technologically advanced cities locked under ice, the Rocke-Nazis will transplant themselves, and their tiny chosen remnant of [at last integrated, rainbow skin-toned] house nigger servants, to the former Third World, to the equatorial regions, where they imagine that the gigantic, miles-deep glaciers of the next Ice Age will not penetrate, and especially to Africa — long-since depopulated by AIDS, by pre-Ice-Age, global-cooling-induced drought and desertification, by Rocke-Nazi contrived and financed "civil wars", and by the Rocke-Nazi militaries mass slaughters — setting up their gigantic neo-Latifundial slave-plantations.

The Rocke-Nazis will continue to increasingly apply to themselves the life extension technologies that they are already so desperately trying to keep secret from the rest of us [and via which they recently rewarded their multi-heart-attacks-ridden loyal servant, Dick Chain-Gang Cheney, a new lease on life -- MM] — the bio-molecular technologies and cellular technologies of genomic re-engineering, embryonic stem-ceIl-based, and beyond — and perhaps also the technologies of extra-genomic, robotic/cyborgic life-duration-expansion as well. 

They are looking forward to vastly extending their lives of privilege”  — of pillage, torture, rape, and mass murder.

The Rocke-Nazis may debate among themselves for some time to come as to whether or not their new Permanent society, of Global Equilibrium — their million-year Fourth Reich -- should allow robotics, with the educated technician class that its maintenance would require, and/or should create only a genomically-engineered, designedly sub-human species of congenitally servile, chimaeric drones, as slave workforce, or should simply restore the Eternal Stability of a Neo-Feudal slave-society, in which the education of the serfs/slaves, and the pursuit of science and technology, would be forbidden, on pain of the most painful and barbaric execution, per their neo-pseudo-religion -- the ideology that they would then engineer to help them control that toiling underclass that -- that, they plan, will serve their every perverted whim.

Of course, if they win in implementing this Eu-genics Plan — their Meta-NaziFINAL SOLUTION TO THE HUMANITY PROBLEM -- they too, in their arrogance, will be destroyed; they will have rendered themselves technologically defenseless, ultimately, against the hazards that a planet is heir to, including planetary glaciation, and cometary / asteroidal collision. 

But you would be well-advised to take little comfort in that thought, for, by then, so will the rest of the former human race have been destroyed, by them, long since.


Julian Simon was an apostle of the liberatory virtues of competitive, ascendant-phase capitalism, over against all earlier and inferior forms of human-societal self-reproduction. 

He understood much of the meaning of Marxs phrase the growth of the productive forces, although not under that name, and within a different system of concepts. 

He did not realize that competitive, ascendant-phase, representative-democratic capitalism contains the seeds of its own destruction

He did not see that the very consolidation, centralization, and hyper-concentration of capital-ownership which capitalist competition itself drives — the inherent movement of competition to negate itself in oligopoly — creates an irresistible tide toward state-capitalist totalitarianism within late capitalism. 

The concentration of ever-greater financial power in ever-fewer hands provides the formal possibility of this totalitarian degeneration of capitalist democracy, through its power to prostitute all three branches of the representative-democratic political state — executive, legislature, and judiciary — to its economic power of the purse, thereby circumventing the separation of their merely political powers/branches, and the merely political checks and balances among them. 

But it is the threat of technological depreciation to wipe out the fixed capital power-base of the greatest, ruling accumulations of capital that creates the desperate and implacable motivation, in the ruling financial Plutocracy that owns — and rules by means of the financial power it owes to — the threatened fixed capital, the motivation that then drives these greatest accumulations of capital/power to convert this formal possibility into its grisly actualization.


Tragically, Julian Simon did not realize that the terrible obstacles which he encountered in his career, to publication of pro-progress, pro-productive forces, pro-humanity scientific findings, and, indeed, the very forces which, perhaps, cost him his life, were a lawful outcome of the very capitalist competition which he so championed.


The horrific, auto-genocidal tyrannies of German, Hitlerist, of Russian, Stalinist, and of Chinese, Maoist state-capitalism, in the peripheries of capitalist development, were but prevenient and disfigured prefigurements of that state of human society to which the economic law of motion of modern society [Marx] resistlessly leads, if but a little later, in the very core and heartland of most-advanced capitalist development/decadence: the law of motion of ascendant-phase, competitive, representative-democratic capitalism, transforming itself into decadent-phase, totalitarian, mega-genocidal state-capitalism.


Frederick Engels, in his Anti-Duhring, foresaw, with remarkable clarity, this convergence of familial private-capitalism/early joint-stock securitism to state-capitalism

Moreover, he foresaw it arising not primarily in the underdeveloped peripheries of the capitalist/securitist international system — such as Germany, Russia, and China — but in its advanced core, even if he did not seem to grasp the crucial difference between democratically-managed social property and bureaucracy-hijacked state-property, between state [national, PSEUDO-]socialism, or [PSEUDO-]socialism in one country, and Political-Economic Democracy, nor the absolute corruption, and unexampled rapacious horror, of the totalitarian nightmare which this ultimate concentration of unchecked, near-absolute econo-political power would self-inflict upon humankind in the twentieth century and beyond [CCS: bold, italics, and red color-highlighting added, for emphasis, by CCS] --

Both the period of industrial boom, with its unlimited credit inflation, and the crisis itself, through the collapse of great capitalist establishments, urge forward towards that form of the socialisation of huge masses of means of production which we find in the various kinds of joint-stock companies.

Many of these means of production are from the outset so colossal that, like the railways, they exclude all other forms of capitalist exploitation.

At a certain stage of development even this form no longer suffices; the official representative of capitalist society, the state, is constrained to take over their management.

This necessity of conversion into state property makes itself evident first in the big institutions for communication:  the postal service, telegraphs and railways.

If the crises revealed the incapacity of the bourgeoisie any longer to control the modern productive forces, the conversion of the great organisations for production and communication into joint-stock companies and state property shows that for this purpose the bourgeoisie can be dispensed with.

All the social functions of the capitalists are now carried out by salaried employees.

The capitalist has no longer any social activity save the pocketing of revenues, the clipping of coupons and gambling on the Stock Exchange, where the different capitalists fleece each other of their capital...

But neither the conversion into joint-stock companies nor into state property deprives the productive forces of their character as capital.

In the case of joint-stock companies this is obvious.

And the modern state, too, is only the organization with which bourgeois society provides itself in order to maintain the general external conditions of the capitalist mode of production against encroachments either by the workers or by individual capitalists.

The modern state, whatever its form, is essentially a capitalist machine; it is the state of the capitalists, the ideal collective body of all capitalists.

The more productive forces it takes over as its properly, the more it becomes the real collective body of all the capitalists, the more citizens it exploits.

The workers remain wage-earners, proletarians.

The capitalist relationship is not abolished; it is rather pushed to an extreme.

But at this extreme it is transformed into its opposite.

State ownership of the productive forces is not the solution of the conflict, but it contains within itself the formal means, the key to the solution. c111

The fight for human liberty is now, unequivocally, the fight against the inherent, ineluctable taxis to totalitarianism of late, increasingly state, capitalism.


But humanity, the vast majority of the human species -- the working class -- has been studiously divided and conquered by race, by nationality, by ethnicity, and by pseudo-religion, through the vast and well-funded ideological engineering activities of the [increasingly state-]capitalist Plutocracy — funded from the surplus-value extracted from the blood, sweat, and tears of that very majority.


Humanity, today, sprawls, prostrate and comatose, before the pseudo-religions manufactured by the Meta-Nazis to confuse and vitiate it — to make it impotent to defend itself against the onslaught of their planned -- Eu-genics -- humanocide: stealth humanocide, already underway; open humanocide in the offing, after their global, state-capitalist, totalitarian rule is securely established, so much as Engels -- and, even more so, as George Orwell -- foresaw it.


The human race, like a herd of witless sheep, is being slaughtered in its sleep.