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The Seldonian '''Psychohistorical Equations'''.

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I have reproduced, below, for your information, a new-ground-breaking blog-entry of another pseudonymous blogger on the world wide web.

This blog-entry provides historical perspective, and theoretical context, for all of the issues addressed in this blog.

For the Resumption of Humanity's Ascent,

M. Milankovitch


"The F.E.D. '''Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations'''.

The Foundation Encyclopedia Dialectica [F.E.D.] ‘‘‘Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations’’’ were designed, by the General Council of F.E.D., to create a ‘Time-Vault of the Future’, by means of a ‘meta-planetarium projector’, -- named the ‘‘‘F.E.D. Prime Radiant’’’, to project 3-D holographic representations of the solution-scenarios of this system of “simultaneous” 'dialectical meta-equations', and of their scenario-valued variables, for future values of their time-variables, i.e., to algorithmically ‘pre-construct’ dialectical-mathematically-generated richly-determinate imagery for the future history expected per these equations.

All but one of these seven equations utilize the ‘Dyadic Seldon Function’ formulation of dialectical ontological progressions [ = of [revolutionary new] kinds-of-being progressions], a function which was defined earlier in this series, and which is also defined via the following link –

The F.E.D. General Council is thereby enabled to anticipate – in timing, and in event-content –

approaching “Seldon Crises”, for more about which, in terms of their [science-]fictional instantiation by Isaac Asimov, see –

I have listed, below, this system of seven dialectical equations, which are to be solved ‘‘‘simultaneously’’’ for the new ontology possibly emergent during the time period, tx [denoting the generic ‘‘‘epoch’’’ of the dialectical progression denoted by x] of the future value of that time-period variable which is to be solved-for.

The versions of the F.E.D. ‘‘‘Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations’’’ rendered and partially explicated further below, are all rendered in the rule-based ideographical algebraic language-system of the F.E.D. “First Dialectical Arithmetic / Algebra”, denoted by NQ_.

The nine core algorithms, rules, or “axioms” of this language, presented earlier in this series, are also available via the following links –

[pp. I-144 through I-146].

--  and are also summarized, via largely ideographical symbolization, in the following '*.jpg' image --

The versions of these equations that are used by the ‘dialectical psychohistorians’ of the F.E.D. General Council, and that would be capable of driving the ‘‘‘F.E.D. Prime Radiant’’’, are formulated in a higher, richer dialectical language than that of the NQ, purely-qualitative algebra used here – a language that arises later in the dialectical, ‘ideo-ontological’ progression-presentation of the F.E.D. systems of dialectical language.

Needless to say, this dialectical language is one of the quanto-qualitative’, rather than one of the "purely"-qualitative, dialectical languages that arises in that progression.
We do not [yet] publicly disclose the rules-system of that dialectical language.

The optimal historical timing of its disclosure is itself a matter for the most delicate psychohistorical-dialectical calculation.

However, immediately below, I give a summary description of the early dialectical language systems in the order that they are covered in that dialectical-systematic presentation, a presentation which we can summarily model by a ‘Dyadic Seldon Function’-based dialectical equation, also formulated in the NQ dialectical language.

The generic [unspecified; unsolved] ontology symbols of the NQ dialectic are NQ  =  {q1, q2, q3, …}

The axiomatic system that governs the 'algorithmics' of these NQ ‘meta-numbers’ is denoted by NQ_.




The notational conventions adhered to herein, to the extent that the typographical limitations of this medium allow, are summarized here --

The underscored mnemonic symbols stand for ‘dialectical meta-numbers’ – i.e., for purely-qualitative values that operate, arithmetically and algebraically, according to the F.E.D. ‘Fundamental Rule of Dialectical Logic’, a rule that was proven deductively here, from the NQ_ axioms, previously in this series.  We give that proof here again, below, for ease of reader reference --

The following image presents the generic version of the E.D. standard 'dialectogram' formats which we will apply herein to support our readers' in visualizing the dialectical processes encoded by the various 'psychohistorical-dialectical equations' presented in this text, with emphasis on the first triad encoded in / predicted by / reconstructed by each such 'dialectical equation' --

The above-diagrammed generic dialectical interpretation of the first three of the NQ ‘meta-natural meta-numbers’ as a 'dialectical triad', can be extended, for the fourth of these NQ ‘meta-natural meta-numbers’, and beyond, as indicated in the following tableau --

It should also be noted, at the outset, that the kind of 'dialectical oppositenesses' encountered in, and modeled, by the F.E.D. Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations, is not the kind, named, by Charles Muses, "'Annihilatory''' oppositeness, nor the kind that he called "Complementary" oppositeness, but is, primarily, of the kind called, by Karl Seldon, 'Supplementary' oppositeness --

Since all of the ‘F.E.D. Psychohistorical-Dialectical Equations’ are equations of ‘psychohistorical dialectics’, we use the assignment symbol ‘[--->’ to indicate an association of an unassigned, unsolved, or “generic” NQ ‘meta-natural meta-number’ to a specific, mnemonic [psycho]historical-dialectical ontological category symbol [“kind of being” symbol], within a given [psycho]historical-dialectical ‘[psycho]physio-ontological’ progression:

[interpreted/solved/specific historical category symbol]  [---> [generic NQ ‘meta-number’ symbol], e.g. --

The <<Kapital>>-relation as a human[oid]-social relation of production <--->  K  [--->  q16

However, for ‘pure idea-systems’, and for their presentational ‘ideo-ontological’ dialectical categorial progressions, we use the assignment symbol, or solution symbol, ‘[---), to indicate such associations, e.g. --

“Thesis” axioms-system; standardNaturals” in 1st order specification; ‘pure-quantifier’ algebra (---) N_  [---)  q1
“Antithesis” system; 1st order, non-standard, dialectical ‘meta-numbers’; ‘pure-qualifier’ algebra (---) NQ_ [---)  q2

The beginning – or «arche’» -- category and system of ‘ideas-ontology’ in the F.E.D.

presentational-dialectical progression for the F.E.D. axioms-systems of dialectical arithmetic, is the system of the arithmetic of the “Natural” Numbers, N  =  {1, 2, 3, …}, as formulated by only the four Peano postulates that are expressible in “first order” formal symbolic logic [“first order” logic here means a language of formal logic that makes assertions about individual “Natural Numbers” only, but not about qualities shared by multiple “Natural Numbers”, such as “Even-ness”, “Odd-ness”, “Prime-ness”, “Composite-ness”, etc.].

We denote that “first-order” axioms-system of arithmetic by N_.

It is a dialectical arithmetic only in a ‘pre-vestigial’, implicit, quantitative-only sense, in that the Peano successor function, s, is a degenerate, purely-quantitative «aufheben» operation:   

s(n)  =  n + 1, given an n in N.
The algorithm that generates this systems-progression is termed, by us, a ‘meta-model’, because a “model” would cover only a single system, whereas this progression contains a potentially infinite multitude of successive systems.
We use the term ‘‘‘evolution’’’ to describe the [self-]developmental dynamics within a single system, whether it be a natural, physical system [‘physio-system’], a human ideas-system [‘ideo-system’] such as a mathematical axiomatic system, or a human psychohistorical system – i.e., an ‘ideo-physio-system’ – such as a human socio-economic system. ‘‘‘Evolutions’’’ are transitions between historically successive states within a single system.

We therefore use the term meta-evolution to describe the [revolutionary] transitions between systems – from historical predecessor system to historical successor system -- which involve irruptions of new ontology.

The ‘Dyadic Seldon Function Meta-Model’ of the F.E.D. Method of Presentation [ = ‘Meta-Systematic Dialectic’] for this progression of dialectical-mathematical systems, is therefore –



-- wherein s denotes a Whole Number variable, W  =  {0, 1, 2, 3, … }, representing/counting the cumulative number of steps into the exposition.  Four steps in, i.e., for step s = 3, we solve this ‘meta-model’ as follows:

(N_)^(2^3)  =  (N_)^(8)  =  

a non-amalgamative sum of 8 ‘idea-ontological’ categories, each connoting a qualitatively different, ‘ideo-ontologically’ different dialectical-mathematical axioms-system --

N_ + NQ_ + NU_ + NM_ + NqMN_ + NqMQ_+ NqMQN_+ NA_ [---)

q+ q+ q+ q+ q+ q+ q+ q8. 

These first eight axioms-systems of dialectical arithmetic can be summarily described as follows, using the ‘pure ideo-systems’ assignment symbol, ‘(---)’—

N_        (---)  Thesis system of standard natural numbers arithmetic in 1st order specification, as purely quantitative algebra.
NQ_      (---) 1st ‘Anti-thesis’ 1st order axioms-system, non-standard model of N_, 1st dialectical ‘meta-numbers’; ‘pure-qualifier algebra’.
NU_       (---) 1st [full] ‘Synthesis’ system; 1st order, 2nd dialectical ‘meta-numbers’, ‘quantifiable <<monad>>-qualifier’ algebra.
NM_      (---)  2nd ‘Anti-thesis’ system of 1st order, 3rd dialectical ‘metrical qualifier meta-numbers’; purely qualitative algebra.
NqMN_   (---)  Partial ‘synthesis’ system of 1st order, 4th dialectical ‘meta-numbers’; ‘quantifiable metrical qualifiers’ algebra.
NqMQ_  (---)  Partial ‘synthesis’, 1st order, 5th dialectical ‘meta-numbers’; ‘compound unquantifiable metrical qualifiers’.
NqMQN_ (---)  2nd full ‘Synthesis’ system; fully-algorithmic “dimensional analysis” via quantifiable state-variable qualifiers algebra.
NA_        (---)  3rd ‘Anti-thesis’ system of 1st order, 7th dialectical ‘dynamical system-qualifiers’; purely qualitative algebra [implicitly, but not yet explicitly, an ideography for dynamical [& ‘‘‘meta-dynamical’’’, super^0-meta-]systems].

The first triad of this Method of Presentation [ = ‘Meta-Systematic Dialectic’] for this progression of dialectical-mathematical systems can be depicted as follows --

The system of seven ‘dialectical meta-equations’ which constitute ‘the F.E.D. Psychohistorical-Dialectical Meta-Equations’ are named as follows:

1.      The Meta-Equation of Human Ideology/Knowledge Meta-Evolution.

2.      The Meta-Equation of Human-Social Forces of Production Meta-Evolution.

3.      The Meta-Equation of Human-Social Relations of Production Meta-Evolution.

4.      The Meta-Equation of Human-Social Formation(s) Meta-Evolution.

5.      The Equation of the Human Genome/Human Phenome Systematic Dialectic.

6.      The Meta-Equation of the Meta-Evolution of Planetary Humanities.

7.      The Meta-Equation of The Psychohistorical Dialectic of the Dialectic Itself.

In terms of Encyclopedia Dialectica standard notation, all seven of these ‘psychohistorical-dialectical  meta-equations’ [with a partial exception in the case of equation 5.] share the following common form --

Of course, all seven of these ‘psycho-historical dialectical meta-equations’ cohere in the context of the F.E.D. ‘‘‘Dialectical Theory of Everything meta-equation’’’, or Dialectic of Nature meta-equation’, for the total cosmos as presently known to Terran humanity.

They all describe, categorially, a sub-universe of that, our total, universe:  they describe aspects of what has gone on, what is going on, and what -- ‘predictedly’ -- will go on, ‘‘‘inside’’’ the presently most-advanced term of that ‘‘‘Everything meta-equation’’’, i.e., in the term representing the ontological category of ‘planetary human [meta-]societies’, such as our own.

This overarching, singular ‘‘‘Dialectic of Nature’’’ meta-equation is not defined, in our terminology, as a psychohistorical-dialectical meta-equation in the same, strict, direct sense, that the seven equations named above are termed, by us, psychohistorical-dialectical meta-equations.

That is because this overarching, singular ‘‘‘Dialectic of Nature’’’ meta-equation does not directly address [human-]Phenomic, ‘‘‘memetic’’’, psycheic’ matters -- collective-psychological, ‘intersubjectively-objective’, psychohistorical material’, until its tALL = 8th epoch, cosmological epoch 8, and beyond, and thus until its 256th category-term, h [which connotes the ‘cosmo-ontological category’ of [planetary] human[oid] societies], and beyond [or, arguably, incipiently, until its tALL = 7th epoch, cosmological epoch 7, and thus until its 128th category-term, l, which connotes the ‘cosmo-ontological category’ of proto-language-based animal societies, and beyond]. 

However, indirectly, this ‘‘‘Dialectic of Nature’’’ meta-equation is also at least a HALF-psychohistorical ‘meta-equation’.

It is so because the analogies, the metaphors, the terms-of-reference, the names, the categories, the concepts in which any human theory -- including in which any human Theory of Everything -- are framed, grasped, and transmitted can, only belong to the human language, to the human «mentalité» [inescapably also including the human ideology], to the human ‘‘‘memes-pool’’’, to the human, collective mind, and hence, to the terms of the collective human, cognitive and affective psyche-ology -- in short, to the terms of the total ‘human Phenome that is extant, and that is ambient, in the time, and in the place, in which that theory arises. 

For this ‘‘‘Dialectic of Nature’’’ as a whole, as THE whole -- as the Totality of our «Kosmos» to the degree that we presently know it, and for its “highest”, most general ontological categories [for the E.D. domain x = ALL], with ‘tALL’ denoting a “Natural’’ number, i.e., from the set --

 {1, 2, 3, ...}

-- and with tALL also counting, and labeling [numerically, cardinally ‘‘‘naming’’’], the epochs of cosmological-ontological revolution, we have --

ALL>-|-<tALL­    =     ALLnvtALL­

-- such that ‘n’ connotes the ‘physi[c]o-ontological category’ of the ‘‘‘sub-nuclear’’’ “particles”, that is, of the ‘‘‘non-composite bosons’’’ [e.g., excluding the mesons], and of the ‘‘‘non-composite fermions’’’ [e.g., the quarks and the leptons, excluding, e.g., the proton, neutron, and hyperon composite “particles”], and such that v = 2 or 3, and such that ‘tALL’, with its ‘ALL­’ ‘‘‘suffix’’’ component, indicates that the “independent” variable , tALL, takes on, successively, the value 1, then the value 2, then the value 3, then 4, then, ..., consecutively. 

For tALL = 8, i.e., for cosmological epoch 8, per this ‘‘‘equation-model’’’, the RHS [Right-Hand Side] of this equation, when the 8-fold ‘‘‘self-involution’’’ [‘‘‘self-multiplication’’’] of ALLn is carried out, generates a cumulum of 28 = 256 category-symbols for the v = 2 version of this ‘‘‘equation-model’’’ --

ALL>-|-<8    =     ALLn28    =     ALLn256    =    

 ALLn  + . . . + ALLh  

-- wherein the 256th category-symbol, ALLh, connotes the ‘cosmo-ontological category’ of [planetary] human[oid] societies. 

This ‘meta-model’ still falls short of being a dialectical model of everything now known, in particular, because it does not yet explicitly address so-called “Dark Energy” and “Dark Matter”, which are, it must be said, at present, just barely entering into the now known.  Nonetheless, Foundation researchers are well underway in the work of bringing these new ‘‘‘matters’’’ -- and these new ‘‘‘energies’’’ -- into the very heart of this ‘meta-model’, via a new, deeper «arché», and a new, deeper, first meta-«physis»’. 

To afford you a feeling for this ‘ALL super-domain’ dialectical Totality model, the image below expands upon our ‘‘‘Dialectic of Nature’’’ as a whole model, or Dialectical Theory of Everything [known]’ model, for just the first triad of the v = 3 version:  for just its  ALLt3 = 1  ‘dialectical equation’ --  

The version of the ‘‘‘Dialectical Theory of Everything meta-equation’’’, or Dialectic of Nature meta-equation’, which is specified, and illustrated, in the next two images, below, is an abbreviated, lumped «arché»” version of the Encyclopedia Dialectica Dialectic of Nature meta-model’ for the ontological-categorial content of the totality of the known universe just described above.

The version described below lumps together the ontological categories of the ‘pre-/sub-nuclear’ “particles” versus of the ‘nuclear pre-/sub-atomic’ “particles”, or of the ‘‘‘non-composite bosons and fermions’’’ versus of the ‘‘‘composite bosons and fermions’’’, into a single starting category, or «arché» ontological category, that of the ‘pre-atomic’ “particles” [bosons and fermions, non-composite and composite alike].

Its ‘meta-equation meta-model’ is --

ALL>-|-<tALL­    =     ALLr2tALL­ 

-- and, for tALL = 7, i.e., for cosmological epoch 7, per its ‘‘‘equation-model’’’, the RHS [Right-Hand Side] of its equation, when the 7-fold ‘‘‘self-involution’’’ [‘‘‘self-multiplication’’’] of ALLr is carried out, generates a cumulum of 27 = 128 category-symbols for this, v = 2, version of this ‘‘‘equation-model’’’ --

ALL>-|-<7    =     ALLr27    =     ALLr128    =     ALLr + . . . + ALLh  

-- wherein, in this case, the 128th category-symbol, ALLh, connotes the ‘cosmo-ontological category’ of [planetary] human[oid] societies. 

The following image provides a ‘‘‘models specification’’’ for the various ‘‘‘single-epoch models’’’ contained in that lumped «arché»’, abbreviated version of this Everything meta-model’ --

The next image depicts this abbreviated, lumped «arché»’ meta-model’s 1st 2 stages of dialectical, «aufheben» self-meta-monad-ization --

The NQ_ and ‘Dyadic Seldon Function’ formulation of these 'psychohistorical-dialectical meta-equations' can be rendered, and briefly described, as given below.

I. The Equation of Human Ideology/Knowledge Meta-Evolution.


a.   <<Arche’>>:  Mythopoeias, M [---> q1.

b.   ‘Dyadic Seldon Function’ Formula:   <M>^(2^tk).

c.    Solution to epoch tk = 4:

<M>^(2^4)   =  <M>^(16)   =
M + R + qRM + P + qPM + qPR + qPRM + K +
qKM + qKR + qKMR + qKP + qKPM + qKPR + qKPRM + Y [--->
q1 + q2 + q3 + q4 + q5 + q6 + q7 + q8 + q9 + q10 + q11 + q12 + q13 + q14 + q15 + q16.

d.   Key categories from the first sixteen categories of the fields/forms of human ideology/knowledge can be summarily described using the ‘historical-systems’ assignment symbols, ‘<--->’ and ‘[--->’ --

M     <---> Mythopoeias, “Myth-Makings”; “Mythologies” [---> q1.
R      <---> Religions, codified / standardized / dogmatized, i.e., ‘Meta-Mythopoeias[---> q2.
qRM <---> Reconciliations of R & M / conversions from M into R, e.g., Ancient Rome’s Pantheon  [---> q3.
P      <---> Philosophies, i.e., ‘Meta-Religions [---> q4.
qPR  <---> R|P reconciliations, even qRP retrograde P to R conversion, e.g., Aquinas’ Summa Theologica  [---> q6.
K      <---> Scientific Knowledges, i.e., Meta-Philosophies [---> q8.
qKPR   <---> Includes qPRK retrograde K|R to P conversions, e.g., Hegel’s Encyclopedia of the Philosophical Sciences  [---> q14.
qKPRM <--->Advanced science, K, subsuming/explaining Philosophy, Religion, & Mythology [not yet actual on Earth]  [---> q15.
Y         <---> ‘‘‘PsYchohistories’’’, i.e., Meta-Sciences’, e.g., Marx’s theory [---> q16.

The first triad of this reconstructed, historical '<<speci>>-ation' of the historical progression of the 'ideo-ontological categories' / kinds of human Ideologies\Knowledges in this 'psychohistorical dialectic' of human Ideologies\Knowledges Form[ation]s [using the Marxian definition of "Ideology"], can be depicted as follows --

For more amplitude about this particular ‘dialectical meta-model’ and ‘‘‘psychohistorical-dialectical meta-equation’’’, see –

[pp. B-09 through B-17]




II. The Equation of Human-Social Forces of Production Meta-Evolution.



a<<Arche’>>Whole [proto-]human communities [e.g., hunting bands] as Prime Energy Resources for their own Human Societal Self-[Re-]Production, Rh [---> q1in reverse.

The deeper/earlier reaches of the ontology of the cosmos become accessible, for human Appropriation, as energy Resources, in the reverse order of their formation, and, as such energy Resources, form the core of the Marxian “social forces of production”.

We are using the term “energy Resources” here in a more concretely determinate, more specific, less ahistorically abstract, less reductionist sense of the term ‘‘‘energy’’’ than is usually the case in contemporary discourse.

b.  ‘Dyadic Seldon Function’ Formula:   <Rh>^(2^tf).

c.  Solution to tf = 4:

<Rh>^(2^4)   =  <Rh>^(16)   =

Rh + Rl + Rlh + Rb + Rbh + Rbl + qblh + Re +
Reh + Rel + Relh + Reb + Rebh + Rebl + Reblh + Rp [--->

q1 + q2 + q3 + q4 + q5 + q6 + q7 + q8 + q9 + q10 + q11 + q12 + q13 + q14 + q15 + q16.

dKey categories from the first sixteen categories of the existential self-force of human society -- of human-societal self-reproductive self-force -- can be    summarily described as follows, using the ‘historical-systems’ assignment symbols, <--->’ and ‘[--->’ --

Rh    <---> Entire [proto-]human communities [e.g., hunting bands] as prime Resource for predation-based social Re-production  
[---> q1.

Rl    <---> Other proto-language-based animal societies/ plant communities, as human energy resources
[---> q2.

Rlh   <---> Reconciliations of Rl & Rh / conversions from Rh into Rl   
[---> q3, e.g., herding & horticulture.

Rb    <---> asocial animals & multi-cellular/’meta-biotan’ animal bodies, including human slaves’ bodies, as exploited
                      energy Resources for human societal self-Reproduction, e.g., draft animals; slave rowers, etc.  
[---> q4.
Re    <---> eukaryotic cells as energy resources for human societal self-[re-]production [---> q8, e.g., breads, beers,
              wines/vinegars/cheeses/jerkies/yogurts/kefirs/pickles/chutneys, other “spoiled food”/fermented products, as food preservation tech.
Rp   <---> prokaryotic, e.g., anaerobic, cells as energies for social Reproduction [e.g., methane-generating “digesters”] 
 [---> q16.

e.  Categories of interest irrupting into possibility in later epochs, tf > 4 --

Rmb comprises much ancient Roman technology, up to, e.g., U.S. Civil War technology  
[---> q36:

·         Ancient Roman temples -- using stone [m]; “drum cranes” using wood [meta-biota, b], rope [b], & sinew [b].
·         Ancient Roman waterworks flour mills -- using stone [m]; water [m], grain [b], wood [b], rope [b], etc.
·         Ancient Roman aqueducts -- using stone [m]; “drum cranes” using wood [meta-biota, b], rope [b], & sinew [b].
·         Ancient Roman glassworks -- using stone [m]; fire [m], metal [m] tools, wood [b] tools & fuels, glass-sand [m], diamond [m] cutting tools, etc., including to produce unsurpassed “Portland vases” and “caged glass”.

·         circa 200 B.C.E.+ Chinese / Japanese “Magic Mirrors” -- using metals [m], fire [m], intensive hand polishing [b].
·         17th Century Japanese <<karakuri>> doll automatons [mechanical robots] -- using wood [b], metal [m] springs, etc.
·         Ancient Roman <<ballista>> catapults -- using stone missiles [m]; wood [b], plant fiber/hair rope [b], & sinew [b].
·         Ancient Roman <<hypocaust>> public baths -- using stone [m]; “drum cranes” [b], wood [b] parts & fuels, & fire [m], water [m], air [m], clay [m] pipes, socializing human beings [h], etc.:   

<--->  Rmbh  [---> q37.

·         Bushnell’s Turtle single-occupant proto-submarine, U. S. First Revolutionary War vintage -- tar [b], wood [b], cork [b], flint [m], glass [m], lead [m], steel [m] bands, trapped water[m], trapped air [m], black powder [m], human-muscle-powered [hand-cranked] propeller [b].

·         Confederate H. L. Hunley eight-person crew “fish boat” “torpedo boat”, or “torpedo fish” proto-submarine, vintage U. S. Second Revolutionary [“Civil”] War -- wood [b], rope [b], rubber [b], glass [m], iron [m], copper [m] wire, “blue light” pyrotechnic signal flare [m], trapped water[m], trapped air [m], black powder [m], eight-persons “social” crew, with a seven-persons-hand-cranked propeller [h]:

 <--->  Rmbh  [---> q37; both steam-powered [m] and electrical motored [s] propulsion was tried, but failed; there are possible recently-discovered archaeological indications of chemical/molecular battery-powered electrical [s] torpedo detonation:

<--->  Rsmbh  [---> q165.

Rsmh encompasses much recent ‘‘‘android robotics’’’ technology 
 [---> q161:

·         Tokyo University of Science, Dr. Hiroshi Kobayashi’s <<Saya>> android proto-robot, using electronics [s], metals [m], human behaviors [h], etc.

Rsmeb encompasses much recent ‘‘‘Genetically-Modified Organisms’’’ [GMO] technology 
[---> q172:

·         Japanese interferon-producing GMO silk worms, created using electronics [s], metals [m], silk worm eukaryotic cell nucleus [e] DNA [m], silkworms [b], etc.

Rsam encompasses many recent designs for subluminal interstellar drive engines 
[---> q224:

·         Ion engines, using electronics [s], [ionized] atoms [a], metals parts [m], etc.

Rnsam encompasses much now-emergent or speculative technology 
[---> q480:

·         Dr. Robert Bussard’s “polywell” fusion power reactor, involving photons [n], atomic [sub-]orbitals’ electrons [s], ionized [plasma] atoms [a], and metal parts [m], etc.
·         “Stellar Wind Sail” starship designs, using solar/stellar photon [n] winds, &/or “particle” winds [s], “atom” [ion] plasma winds [a], metal parts [m], etc.

·         F.E.D. ‘tachyonic meta-phase’ superluminal interstellar-drive design-hypothesis, described elsewhere.

The first triad of this reconstructed, historical '<<speci>>-ation' of the historical progression of '''historically-<<speci>>-fic'''  [cf. Marx] 'historical-<<species'>> socio-ontological categories' of the human "social forces of production" [cf. Marx] 'psychohistorical dialectic' can be depicted as follows --

III. The Equation of Human-Social Relations of Production Meta-Evolution.



a.         <<Arche’>>:  Appropriations [of products of pre-/extra-human Nature, in “raw” form], A [---> q1.


b.        ‘Dyadic Seldon Function’ Formula:   <A>^(2^tr).

c.         Solution to epoch tr = 4:


      <A>^(2^4)   =  <A>^(16)   =

     A + G + qGA + C + qCA + qCG + qCGA + M +
     qMA + qMG + qMGA + qMC + qMCA + qMCG + qMCGA + K [--->

      q1 + q2 + q3 + q4 + q5 + q6 + q7 + q8 + q9 + q10 + q11 + q12 + q13 + q14 + q15 + q16.

d.   Key categories from the first sixteen categories of human social relations of human societal self-re-production can be summarily described as follows, using the ‘historical-systems’ assignment symbols, ‘<--->’ and ‘[--->’ --

A      <---> Raw Appropriations, “Predations” [---> q1.

G      <---> Goods Production, ‘multi-appropriations’ [e.g., burins from glassy stones]; Meta-Appropriations[---> q2.

qGA <---> Reconciliations of G & A / conversions from A into G  [---> q3, e.g., spears applied in hunting.

C      <---> Bartered Commodities, i.e., ‘Meta-Goods[---> q4.
M     <---> Monies, i.e., ‘Meta-Commodities [---> q8.
qMC  <---> Subsumption of Commodities by Monies, i.e., Monies-mediated circulations of Commodities [---> q12.
K       <---> <<Kapitals>>, i.e.,Meta-Monies[---> q16.

The first triad of this reconstructed, historical '<<speci>>-ation' of the '''forms of human-social intercourse''' [cf. Marx and Engels, The German Ideology '''historically-<<speci>>-fic'''  [cf. Marx] historical-<<species>> of this 'psychohistorical dialectic', can be depicted as follows --

eCategories of interest, observed as having, or predicted to, irrupt into possibility in later epochs, tr > 4 --

qKG       <--->   Real subsumption/reshaping of Goods-production by the <<Kapital>>-relation; & including <<Kapital>> Goods 
[---> q18.

qKC       <--->   Real subsumption of the Commodity-relation by the <<Kapital>>-relation; includes “Commodity <<Kapital>>”  
[---> q20.

qKM      <--->   Real subsumption of the Money-relation by the <<Kapital>>-relation; includes “Money <<Kapital>>”  
[---> q24.

qKK       <--->   E <---> Self-subsumption of the <<Kapital>>-relation; The Generalized ‘Equity-arian’ ‘Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY’ of “the associated producers” [Marx], i.e., ‘Democratic Communism’  
[---> q32

For more amplitude regarding 'Political-ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY', see –

Models Specification  --

The next image depicts this meta-model’s 1st 2 stages of dialectical, «aufheben» self-meta-monad-ization --

For more amplitude about this particular ‘dialectical meta-model’ and ‘‘‘psychohistorical-dialectical meta-equation’’’, see –

[pp. B-24 through B-38]

IV. The Equation of Human-Social Formation(s) Meta-Evolution.



a<<Arche’>>bands/extended families of hunter-gathers/scavengers/foragers/predators, b [---> q1.

b.  ‘Dyadic Seldon Function’ Formula:   <b>^(2^tm).

c.   Solution to epoch tm = 4:

<b>^(2^4)   =  <b>^(16)   =
b + c + qcb + v + qvb + qvc + qvcb + f +
qfb + qfc + qfcb + qfv + qfvb + qfvc + qfvcb + s [--->

q1 + q2 + q3 + q4 + q5 + q6 + q7 + q8 + q9 + q10 + q11 + q12 + q13 + q14 + q15 + q16.

d.   Key categories from the first sixteen categories of human social/meta-geological formation(s) can be summarily described as follows, using the ‘historical-systems’ assignment symbols, <--->and[--->’ --

b      <---> bands/extended families of hunter-gathers/scavengers/foragers/predators [---> q1.

c       <---> camps, ‘multi-band’ semi-permanent home bases; ‘meta-bands[---> q2.

qcb   <---> Reconciliations/hybridizations of c & b / conversions from b into c [---> q3, e.g., advantaged, expanding camps.

v      <--->   villages, ‘multi-camp’, long-duration settlements, ‘meta-camps[---> q4.
f          <---> chiefdoms, multi-village, “tribal” domains; ‘meta-villages[---> q8.
s     <---> city-states, i.e., ‘meta-chiefdom’, or ‘meta-tribal’, social formations [---> q16.

The first triad of this reconstructed, historical '<<speci>>-ation' of the historical progression of '''historically-<<speci>>-fic'''  [cf. Marx] historical-<<species>> of human society in this 'psychohistorical dialectic' of '''human-social formation(s)''' [cf. Marx], can be depicted as follows --

e.  Categories of interest, observed as having, or predicted to, irrupt into possibility in later epochs, tm > 4 --

e   <---> empires, multi-city-state ‘meta-city-states [---> q32.

n   <---> nation-states, multi-empire-remnant ‘meta-empires [---> q64.

p   <---> planetary-poli, multi-nation-state ‘meta-nation-states’ [not yet known extant] [---> q128.

m <---> multi-planetary federations; ‘meta-planetary-poli [not yet known extant] [---> q256.

Models Specification --

The next image depicts this meta-model’s 1st 2 stages of dialectical, «aufheben» self-meta-monad-ization --

For more amplitude about this particular ‘dialectical meta-model’ and ‘‘‘psychohistorical-dialectical meta-equation’’’, see –

Robert Wright, NONZERO:  The Logic of Human Destiny, Pantheon [New York: 2000],
pp. 20, 78-92, 102, 109, 110-111, 12, 113, 125, 165, 353, 355, 357, 363, 365, 368, 376, 402, etc.

[p. B-23]

[slides 54-59]

V. The Equation of the Human Genome / Human Phenome Systematic Dialectic.



a.   «Arche’»:   The human Genome, as a mediately[ ‘Darwinianly’]-developing meta-system, from its proto-human origin, G [---) q1.

b.  Triadic Seldon Function’ Formula:   (G)^(3^1).

c.   Solution to epoch tG = 1:

(G)^(3^1)   =  <G>^(3)   =

G + P + qPG   [---)   q1 + q2 + q3.

d.   The categories of human genomic/human phenomic co-meta-evolution can be summarily described as follows, using the ‘systematic-dialectical’ assignment symbols, ‘(---)’ and ‘[---)’ --

G      (---)   The ‘meta-evolving’ “human Genome” [---) q1.

P      (---)   The ‘meta- evolving’ ‘human Phenome’ of non-chromosomal, phenotypic, cultural, “acquired characteristics” [---) q2.

qPG  (---) Their ‘‘‘co-meta-evolving’’’ hybrid; the ‘‘‘complex unity’’’ of the human Phenome/human Genome [---) q3.

The overall triad of this Method of Presentation [ = '''Systematic Dialectic'''] for this progression of 'ideo-ontological' conceptions of human Nature be depicted as follows --

For more amplitude about this particular ‘dialectical meta-model’ and ‘‘‘psychohistorical-dialectical equation’’’, see –

VI.  The Equation of the Meta-Evolution of Planetary Human[oid]ities.



a.    <<Arche’>>:  planetary 'humanitys', h [---> q1.

b.  Dyadic Seldon Function’ Formula:   <h>^(2^th).

c.   Solution to epoch th = 1:

<h>^(2^1)   =   <h>^(2)   =   h + delta-h   =
h + y    [--->    q1 + q2.

This predicted next-epoch '<<gene>>-ation' of delta-hy as the next new 'self-hybrid' <<genos>> of 'cosmo-ontology', can be depicted as follows --


d.   The two ‘[psycho]physio-ontological categories’ for this meta-evolution of planetary human[oid]ities equation, and the three sub-categories of the second-to-emerge into possibility of those categories, can be summarily described as follows, using the ‘historical-systems’ assignment symbols, ‘<--->’ and ‘[--->’ --

h      <--->   ‘planetized’ humanitys’ [or ‘planetized human[oid]ities’]  [---> q1.

delta-h   <--->   y  <--->   meta-humanitys’ [---> q2; a ‘taxonomy level 1’ «genos» with 3 «species» --

      <g>^(3^tg)   =  <g>^(3^1)   =  <g>^(3)   =

     g + r + qrg           =  g + r + c      [--->   q1 + q2 + q--

g      <---> Thesis<<species>>:  ‘meta-humanity’ via human-genomic self-re-engineering  [---> q1.

r       <---> Antithesis<<species>>:  ‘meta-humanity’ via android robotics  [---> q2.

qrg   <---> c   <---> Synthesis<<species>>:  ‘‘‘complex unity’’’ of r & g;
                                          ‘meta-humanity’ via cyborg prosthetics/bionics [---> q3.

The triad of this predicted, next-epoch '<<speci>>-ation' of the body-forms <<species>> of this new <<genos>> 'cosmo-ontological' category, 'the meta-human', can be depicted as follows --

For more amplitude about this particular ‘dialectical meta-model’ and ‘‘‘psychohistorical-dialectical equation’’’, see –

[p. I-19]





VII.  The Equation of The Psychohistorical Dialectic of the Dialectic Itself.



a<<Arche’>>Systematic / Synchronic Dialectics, S    [--->   q1.

b‘Dyadic Seldon Function’ Formula:   <S>^(2^t#).

c.   Solution to epoch t# = 2:

<S>^(2^2)   =  <S>^(4)   =

S  +  qSS  +  qSSS  +  qSSSS   =

qS  +  qH  +  qHS  +  qHH   =   qS  +  qD  +  qDS  +  qDD   =

S  +  H  +  M  +  Y   [--->   q1 + q2 + q3 + q4.

d.   These four ‘human-historical ideo-ontological’ categories of Dialectics can be summarily described  as follows, using the ‘[psycho]historical-systems’ assignment symbols, ‘<--->’ and ‘[--->’ --

S      <--->   Systematic / Synchronic Dialectics, S   [--->  q1.

H     <--->   Historical / Diachronic Dialectics, H   [--->  q2.

M     <---> Meta-Systematic / Diachronico-Synchronic Dialectics, M   [--->  q3.

Y      <--->   PsYchohistorical Dialectics, Y   [--->  q4.

This tetrad of the historical <<species>> of the <<genos>> of dialectics can be depicted as follows --

For more amplitude about this particular ‘dialectical meta-model’ and ‘‘‘psychohistorical-dialectical equation’’’, see –

Key Challenges for ‘“Simultaneous”’ and QUANTO-QualitativeSolution of these 7 [Meta-]Equations.

1.     Correlating the different ‘‘‘tempos’’’/temporalities/‘epochalities’ of the six psychoHISTORICAL [meta-]equations among the seven [meta-]equations presented above, since, in general, and given that ‘Rt(·)’ denotes a function which converts ordinal times to real, historical ‘“Real”’ times [really, to ‘‘‘Rational-Number times’’’] --

{Rt(tI\K)} ~= {Rt(tF)} ~= {Rt(tR)} ~= {Rt(tm)} ~= {Rt(ALLt2)} ~= {Rt(t#)};

2.     Modeling the thus coordinated quantitative ‘epochality’ using “continuous” rather than “discrete” arithmetical models of time, e.g., using time-value Rt not in W; i.e., more specifically, using time-value Rt in R | R  in  the set of the “Real” Numbers -- R contains Rt  not in  W;

3.    Re-expressing the quality meta-dynamics, or ontology meta-dynamics, of the qualifier-sums in these “purely”-qualitative, “purely”-ontological  [meta-]equations, more determinately, as ‘‘‘[space-]time varying’’’ evolution state trajectory/[self-]control path dynamics, with [‘metafinite, ontologically-revolutionary] ‘‘‘singularities’’’, for time-function-quantifier quantified state-variables and control-parameters, expressed in the higher, later dialectical-ideographical languages of combined, dynamical and meta-dynamical [superz-][meta-]systems, by means of singularity semantification’, resulting from ontological and metrical qualifier re-qualification of standardly ‘‘‘unqualified’’’, quantifier(s)-only dynamical equations [also by division-by-zero semantification &metafinitization’, via the Rmu+ axioms for the revolutionary new mathematical ideo-ontology of ‘full zero’];

4.      Facilitated by 1. & 2. & 3., solving this system of 7 [meta-]equations ‘‘‘simultaneously’’’;

5.      Modeling the ‘inter-mutual’ interactions among the ontologically distinct but co-existing actualities described by these 7 [meta-]equations, i.e., dialectically modeling the interactions of the actualities described by each such [meta-]equation with the other, co-extant actualities described by each of the other such [meta-]equations;

6.      Deriving a single super-meta-equation’, unifying all 7 of the [meta-]equations presented above."


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