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The "Global Warming" Hysteria is a 'Rocke-Nazi' "Psy-Op", based on a Hitlerian-Goebbelsian "Big Lie": GLOBAL STRATEGIC HYPOTHESES.

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The "Global Warming" Hysteria is a 'Rocke-Nazi' "Psy-Op", based on a Hitlerian-Goebbelsian "Big Lie".

Hypothesis:  The "Global Warming" Hysteria is a Rockefeller-Plutocracy-Orchestrated "Psy-Op".


The 'Rocke-Nazi'-engineered "Global Warming" ideology aims at providing "natural" cover, ""scientific" cover — and "Left" cover — for the 'Rocke-Nazi' strategy of replaying their 1930s plan for global Fascist state-capitalism, this time [they hope] without its abortion by unforeseen events [e.g., by the turn-coating of their erstwhile 'servant-dictator' Hitler, which ruined their last attempt] — their "bubble-engineered" plan for global depression, for global totalitarian socio-political degeneration, for global contracted social production and social auto-cannibalization, and for massive, and mass-murderous, global "population reduction", far beyond what they have already achieved via "AIDS", their genetically-engineered "population-control" 'designer disease'.

The evidence presented below will massively refute the claim, by "masseuse-rapist" and  'Rocke-Nazi' whore, Al Gore, and his groupies [who are calling for a '''90% reduction of energy consumption world-wide'''], that the scientific community is in a state of near-unanimous consensus in favor of the Gore/Rockefeller "Global Warming" global pogrom, and will, instead, reveal that claim for the Hitlerian-Goebbelsian "Big Lie" that it is, by registering the vigorous dissent of hundreds of world-class climatologists, and other scientists, many of whom have suffered vicious and heavy-handed repression in return for their scientific integrity.

The 'Rocke-Nazi'-orchestrated "dumbing-down" of the populations of the "First World", and, especially, of the United States, over the past ~40 years — and, in particular, of the "basket-weaver" "Left" — with respect to science education, has left these populations abjectly vulnerable to whatever the 'Rocke-Nazi's' intellectual prostitutes, anointed as "scientific experts" by the corporatist media and the capitalist state, present to them as "scientific fact", being so utterly ill-equipped to critically assess those assertions. 

Especially the "Marxian" or "Marxist" "Left" — skillfully, subtly- and ideologically inculcated, by Rocke-Nazi '''cultural engineering" operations, over the past ~40 years, with neo-Luddite prejudices against the critical appropriation of "science" and "technology", in contradistinction to the practice of Marx and Engels during their lifetimes — is ill-equipped to resist the Juggernaut of Rockefeller mandated and financed "People Are Pollution", neo-Nazi [neo-Eugenics] "[pseudo-]science", rendering much of that "Left" helpless and prostrate before the burgeoning global 'Rocke-Nazi' 'War on Humanity', not to mention in danger of enlistment into complicity with its colossal crimes against humanity. 


Let's begin documenting the evidence for the above-stated hypothesis with just three extracts, out of a massive amount of documentary evidence — one from a journalist, and two from scientists — demonstrating the fallacy of the Rocke-Nazi's "the climate science debate is over" claim.

  1. Journalist James Gleick, in his 1987 book, Chaos: Making a New Science, noted the degree to which the solutions of the equations which model the 'climato-dynamics' of our planet describe an enormous undertow — an 'attractor', in the language of [MM: nonlinear] dynamical systems theory [the main subject of his book] — toward global glaciation: 

"Climatologists who use global computer models to simulate the long-term [and highly nonlinear — MM] behavior of the earth's atmosphere and oceans have known for several years that their models allow at least one dramatically different equilibrium.  

During the entire geological past, this alternative climate has never existed [the 'Snowball Earth' theory asserts the contrary — MM], but it could be an equally valid solution to the system of equations governing the earth.

It is what climatologists call the White Earth climate:  an earth whose continents are covered by snow and whose oceans are covered by ice.

A glaciated earth would reflect seventy percent of the incoming solar radiation and so would stay extremely cold... . 

Computer models have such a strong tendency to fall into the White Earth equilibrium that climatologists find themselves wondering why it has never come about... [per the 'Snowball Earth' theory, it already has come about, repeatedly — MM]".

[James Gleick; Chaos: Making A New Science; Viking Penguin, Inc. [New York: 1987]; page 170, emphases added by MM]

    2.  Russian climatologist M. I. Budyko may have been "under the thumb" of the "Soviet" Stalinist state-capitalist bureaucracy, when he wrote the following words, but he was not, at that time, also "under the thumb" of the 'Rocke-Nazis' --
    "... the process of decreasing the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere started in the Cretaceous period and accelerated at the end of the Tertiary period."
    "The probable reason for the decreasing CO2 mass is the attenuation of volcanic activities, possibly caused by the exhaustion of the reserves of radioactive elements that produce heating of the lithosphere."
    "From the available approximate estimates it follows that, if this process continues for about a million years [a period short from the viewpoint of the earth's history] one of two ecological catastrophes will occur: the complete glaciation of the earth or the disappearance of autotrophic plants...."
    "It is assumed that in the Pleistocene the earth's biosphere was not far from destruction in the epochs of greatest development of the Quaternary glaciations, which advanced close to the critical latitude [the limit beyond which ice loses its stability and shifts toward the equator as in a self-propelled process]...."
    "Assuming the possibility of the disappearance of the biosphere in the not very distant future, one should return to the question of how the biosphere could be maintained for such a long period in the past. ..."
    "It is believed that the maintenance on the earth of a mean temperature within the narrow zone necessary for life for billions of years seems to be a random event, the probability of which is very low...." 
    "The first result of the global impact produced by man on the biosphere that is connected with restoring the ancient CO2-rich atmosphere is an inadvertent consequence of economic activities."
    "This change in the composition of the atmosphere has increased the stability of the biosphere and decreased the possibility of its complete or partial destruction by glaciations...."
    "It is essential for understanding the present changes in the state of the biosphere that, with an increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration, the atmosphere returns to the composition typical of the Tertiary period, when climatic conditions were far warmer and plant productivity was higher than at present." 
    "Since the atmosphere lost CO2 for the last hundred million years, directly threatening the existence of the biosphere due to a decrease in the productivity of autotrophic plants and the possible complete glaciation of the earth, the present anthropogenic impact on the biosphere seems to be a favorable factor that eliminates the indicated threat."
    "However, it must be mentioned that although many aspects of global warming could be favorable to mankind [a rise in the productivity of autotrophic plants, better usage of land in cold climates, etc.], a number of difficulties can also inevitably arise."
    "The major difficulty lies in the necessity of adjusting, in a relatively short time, many branches of the economy to the conditions of a rapidly changing climate and other aspects of natural conditions."

    [M. I. Budyko; The Earth's Climate: Past and Future; Academic Press [New York: 1982]; pages 281 and 285-287, emphases added by MM].

    2.  In 2005, Dr. Jennifer Hoffman, Dr. Tina Tin, and science writer George Ochoa, published a book entitled Climate: The Force that Shapes Our World and the Future of Life on Earth.
    Despite the Rocke-Nazi's "best" efforts to dictate scientific speech and writing, and to suppress findings that falsify their various engineered ideologies, there are still men and women of integrity and courage in the scientific community who do not completely knuckle-under to the funding-enforced Rocke-Naxi "party line".

    Dr. Tin is a climate scientist affiliated with the World Wildlife Fund.

    Dr. Hoffman is a marine biologist and World Wildlife Fund consultant.

    Both are vulnerable to the reprisals, including cut-offs of all funding, that have been visited upon many other scientists who have dissented from the 'Rocke-Nazi' "party line" on "Global Warming" — reprisals carried out, in part, by the 'Rocke-Nazi'-funded and controlled "environmental movement", by the plutocracy-controlled National Sciences Foundation, etc.

    Thus, even the mildly-worded critique that they have registered, below, against the "Global Warming" dogma, represents an act of considerable, and admirable, courage --

    "From about 1450 to 1850, Earth passed through what is called the Little Ice Age (Some scientists place the start date as early as 1300 and the end date as late as 1890)."

    "During this period of renewed cold, alpine glaciers advanced in virtually all the world's mountain areas, and the Arctic islands' ice caps grew larger."

    "Winters became colder and summers cooler, though the effect on winters was generally greater. ..."

    "Worldwide, the climate change damaged many ecosystems." 

    "Floods, plague, and famine devastated Europe."

    "Crops failed, especially in northern regions."

    "The Baltic Sea froze."

    "England's Thames river developed ice several inches thick."

    "In higher latitudes, great storms increasingly roiled the skies." 

    "A storm that hit southern England on December 7-8, 1703, blew down a lighthouse, wrecked houses, tossed ships onto land, and killed 8,000 people....

    "Drought and flood often besieged the same areas."

    "... The causes of the Little Ice Age are not well understood...."

    "In general, since the Little Ice Age, climate has been growing warmer."

    "Temperatures reached a high in the 1940s, became cooler until the mid-1960s, and since have been rising again, setting records for warmth in the 1990s."

    "Despite this trend of global warming, some researchers believe that the Little Ice Age may not be over, but that it is being counteracted by rising carbon dioxide levels generated since the Industrial Revolution."

    "It is possible that atmospheric circulation patterns characteristic of the Little Ice Age may still be in place."

    [George Ochoa, Jennifer Hoffman, and Tina Tin; Climate: The Force Which Shapes Our World and the Future of Life on Earth; Rodale International Ltd. [London, U.K.: 2005]; pages 77-80, emphases added by MM].

    Consider the sheer radicality of the theory described variously by Budyko, and by Hoffman, Tin, and Ochoa, above, in relation to the "Global Warming" party-line parroted exclusively by the corporatist media.

    This theory holds that —

    • The earth entered a phase of global cooling and re-glaciation circa ~1300 C. E. [possibly marking the end of the already over-extended, >10,000 interglacial, and the resumption of the next, ~100,000 year+ round of the ["Pleistocene"] Ice Ages, as indicated by the Milankovitch drivers, which paced all of the previous Pleistocene Ice Age rounds, and all three of which now point towards renewed glaciation];

    • This global cooling and re-glaciation, devastating to the biosphere, has been held in check by the return of CO2 to the CO2-depleted atmosphere achieved by the fossil fuel burning of the Industrial Revolution, and ever since.

    Thus, humanity has — however inadvertently, so far, per these hypotheses — SAVED THE BIOSPHERE from the massive biomass massacre of that CO2-depletion-enabled, Milankovitch-cycles-driven re-glaciation. 

    The CO2 depletion of the atmosphere was produced, in major part, by the accelerated photosynthetic biomass productivity "booms", and by the anaerobic dead-biomass decay, of the Carboniferous, of the Cretaceous, etc. — the very bio-geological processes that formed the fossil fuels in the first place.

    That CO2 depletion lowered the atmospheric temperature sufficiently, by the Pleistocene, to where the Milankovitch drivers, instead of oscillating atmospheric temperature from warm to a little less warm, as they did throughout most of earth's history, oscillated atmospheric temperature from warm to cold-enough to initiate glaciation, and thus to support sufficient standing-ice-reflection of solar light/[potential] heat back into space, to launch the self-amplifying, "high albedo" earth,  self-accelerating "positive feedback" cooling trend that generated the Ice Ages.

    Most have probably never heard this theory before, though it is well known to scientists like Budyko, Tin, Hoffman, and many others. 

    The corporatist media holds this, along with other taboo topics, such as fusion power as solution to the so-called "energy crisis", under deep cover, and almost never mentions these topics, and, even then, usually only to ridicule them. 

    If you would like to know more about what the capitalist-plutocracy-controlled media has been hiding from you in these regards, just click on the links provided below. 

    A fuller and detailed exposition of a theory of the species alluded to above — elaborated more some 30 years ago, and updated recently — is available via the following link: Crises by Nature: How Humanity Saved the Biosphere, wherein the URL is

    This theory of 'climato-dynamics' is grounded in a model of the historical dialectic of nature, and in an immanent critique of the atomism, reductionism, mechanism, and linearist-equilibriumism of the capital-mentality's version of "science".

    A Canadian e-newspaper series documented the dissents of a large number of world-class climatologists and other scientists, in a series of brief but hard-hitting, one-and-one-half page articles

    Links to a selection of 14 of those articles are provided below. 

    Individual articles' links to 14 of the (approximately) 35 articles:
    1. Dr. George Kukla: Forget Warming — Beware the New Ice Age

    2. Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu: The Little Ice Age is Still with Us

    3. Dr. Christopher Landsea: The Hurricane Expert Who Stood up to UN Junk Science

    4. Dr. Richard S. J. Tol: Warming is Real — and has Benefits

    5. Dr. Carl Wunsch: Unsettled Science

    6. Dr. Richard Lindzen: The Original Denier — into the Cold

    7. Prof. Paul Reiter: Bitten by the IPCC

    8. NASA Chief Michael Griffin: NASA Chief Silenced

    9. Dr. William Nordhaus: Discounting Logic

    10. Lawrence Solomon: End the Chill

    11. Dr. Duncan Wingham: Polar Scientists on Thin Ice

    12. Lawrence Solomon: They Call this a Consensus?

    13. Dr. Roger Revelle: Even Gore's Guru Disagreed

    14. Dr. Edward Wegman: Statistics Needed

    Additionally, over 100 prominent scientists have recently registered, and documented, their dissent from the "Global Warming" global pogrom, via a U. S. Government Congressional Committee's e-Records site, accessible via the following link:  


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